14th March 2013

WAT-HST Initiatives towards Facing Informal Settlements Challenge “A Role Model to other Organizations” – Sir. JORDAN RUGIMBANA

More than 321 WAT SACCOs members with middle and low income have benefited from affordable loans for secured plots from WAT-HST in the year 2011/2012. More than 500 other members will benefit from these loans in the year 2013.

Informal settlements are one of many the challenges faced by low-income people in developing countries, including Tanzania. The government has striven to cope with this challenge in partnership with various stakeholders including private institutions within and outside the country.

"Despite of the efforts made by the government and its agencies, the existence of informal settlements in urban and rural areas continues to be challenging. WAT - Human Settlements Trust efforts in response to this challenge, especially for people with low income, are taken as an example and should be emulated by other organizations" This statement was made by Kinondoni District Commissioner Mr. Jordan Rugimbana on his speech read out on his behalf by Mr. Bernard Marcelline in a ceremony to hand over awards and prizes to members who have done well in housing construction and home improvement loans offered by WAT-HST through WAT SACCOs.

Rugimbana went on saying that, it is the responsibility of other organizations also to see the importance of contributing to the development of housing in the community using existing techniques that have succeeded WAT-HST’s Housing Microfinance project. Let me also offer my call for civil servants and local government to come at WAT-HST and learn whatever is done with different strategies.

"I am glad to see that today's event is one way to advertise your success. I urge you to take deliberate measures to spread this success so as to be understood by your various stakeholders. Cooperation between stakeholders and WAT-HST in turn will contribute in taking forward our agenda of better housing in the country “he insisted.

He added that he is very pleased to see this Housing Microfinance project which was launched in recent years, it continues to find success. There is a phrase we've learned here that "Quality house enhances love, construct and improve your home through Housing microfinance loans" This statement shows the importance of better housing for families, communities and nation as a whole.

With the increasing love, better housing contributes to improving the environment for better health and mental stability. A better house is the strength of family security and economic as well. From the better house, the family receives the highest regard and in the current context many economic activities of the family takes place at home. Let me take this opportunity to urge every Tanzanian wherever you are to use opportunities given by WAT Human Settlements Trust and WAT SACCOs to enable you build or improve your house.

“The government has potentials to succeed on its various policies, guidelines, regulations and laws to develop lands, homes and houses that need to be improved when it sees the need and Importance of doing so. It’s my hope that WAT-Human Settlements Trust will continue lobbying and advocate its recommendations to the agencies and relevant government levels and to the nation at large so that it can benefit from your experiences and identify obstacles that are the thrust behind the success of the country, particularly to people with low income” Sir Rugimbana concluded